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Cool by the numbers

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Taco Bell, Reality television, The happy trail, Hip bones, Late night AIM conversations, Whispering on the phone, Birthday Cake Remix


I have a definite Oral Complex. Watch out. I bite. I am Type A. I'm impatient. I am in a rush. I curse. I talk with my hands. I play to win. I am ENFP. I'm passionate. I'm loyal. I'm easily distracted. I'm personable. I can be manipulative. I'm affectionate. I'm perceptive. I can be smothering. I'm idealistic. I hate criticism. I don't know how to let go.


Ron & Hermione, Charlie & Claire, Bill & Barb & Nicky & Margie, Lynette & Tom, Sirius & Remus, Harry & Ginny, Jim & Pam, Brian & Justin, Tim & Andrae, Nancy & Conrad, Shawn & Juliet, Ben & Ronnie, Amaar & Rayyan


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Eternal thanks to knight_on_skis, who, on June 29, 2007 at precisely 12:47 am, went against his own good judgement and immortalized this journal for the happiness of a muffin. Let it never be forgotten.

attempting to help humanity, being prerna, constructing lists for myself, contemplating stars, daydreaming by myself, emphatically crossing things out, exploring my personal spirituality, having firey passionate love, interfaith plurality, laughter as communication, living for prerna, observing everyone and everything, remembering memorable memories, scribbling across the margin, sending/receiving naughty text messages, speaking my vagina's mind, thinking about energy